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Discover Bodyweight Routines That Build Muscle And Burn Fat While Avoiding The Hassles Of The Gym

Picture this...

It's 6:30 in the evening, and after a full nine-hour day at work, you finally pull up in the gym parking lot. There are fewer cars today than normal, so you grab a parking spot semi-near the entrance. You snatch your bag from the back of the car, just thinking about how good it will feel to unwind and work off some of the stress you built up during the day. As the glass door swings open before you, you smile as the young and attractive receptionist greets you.

After signing in, you quickly walk past the aerobics room toward the locker room to change and see 20 or 30 wives and mothers. etc. trudging through another "step" class. You have to admit though, some of them aren't too shabby.

As you enter the locker room, you hear the usual loud and boasting voices of the resident meat-heads. You think of them as resident because it seems like they really do live in that gym. They are there every time you get a chance to squeeze in a workout.

And for some reason, they always have a new piece of advice for you...

"You have to do squats with max weight, dude, if you want to get strong and big"

"Hammer Strength machines are where it's at, man. If you want your arms to get HUGE, you gotta get on the 'hammers'"

"Cardio rules the roost. If you're not doing 45 minutes of steady card every day, you will never get lean."

"It's all about your bench press. If you can't bench press twice your body weight, you aren't in shape."

As usual, you take most with a grain of salt, but subconsciously, you still think about a couple of points that seemed valid enough.

So, it's off to the cardio room, for a nice warm-up on the elliptical.


Two of the machines are broken, 2 more are occupied by your fellow gym-goers, and the last one has some dude leaning on it sipping on a "power shake" while chatting up a cute female trainer. Once again, your chosen piece of equipment is held hostage by spandex king gym rat!

                                    Sir Spandex King of all gym rats

Still feeling the stresses from work and and now your peaceful elliptical jog through your happy place is shot, you start to feel the frustration…
And your inner voice speaks up:

"Why do I pay 50 bucks a month for this?"


In 2008, the average American spent $800.00 a year on gym memberships - Source: 

"Treadmills were invented by the Spanish Inquisition, but that's all that is available right now. If I wait for Sir Spandex and his power shake to move, then I'll be late getting home again. I can't handle that conversation again, not today."

A quick scan of the weight room shows dozens of Sir Spandex'es in various staged of fitness grunting, groaning, dropping dumbbells on the floor because that last rep just took too much from them to let the weight down with any semblance of control.
Including two guys who look like they are about to scrap it out over the Pec-Deck...

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