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How To Use Bodyweight Routines To Get Fit And Trim.

If you want to be just another Sir Spandex, sipping on a power shake and trying to hit on the girl trainers, then by all means, knock yourself out. 

 If you want to sculpt your body into the lean Jason Statham look, then keep reading.  You've nothing to lose anyway, right? 
How would you feel if you found out that you can get the physique you want at home?  That's right.  At home.  Your home, even. 
No more Sir Spandex and his power shake to ruin your routine. No more uninvited advice railroading your fitness goals. 
No more Bench-Press Preachers telling you that their way is the only way. Just you, your body and YOUR space.
Jason Statham Bodyweight Routines
Your space can be anything you want it to be.  A park, a playground (excellent for some of these exercises), your basement or garage, it can even be the space between the bed and table in a hotel room. 
If you are really adventurous, you can even get fit in a jail cell, but we don't recommend it. 
Let's start with a simple stress-busting, fat-blasting full body workout you can do any time and virtually anywhere (not recommended for airplane aisles). 
It's a simple, yet hugely effective, bodyweight routine has just 4 exercises.
The Burpee
The Push-Up
The Ab Bicycle
The Squat
With the shortest amount of rest and in the fastest time possible (while maintaining good form!), do:
Burpee - 5 Reps
Push-Up - 10 Reps
Ab Bicycle - 20 Reps or 10 Per Side
Squat - 10 Reps
Repeat the cycle or "Circuit" 3 to 5 times as your fitness level allows. 
The Big 3 of Bodyweight Exercise…

With just 3 simple, multi-count exercises, you can exercise your whole body and cardiovascular system in less than 20 minutes.
The big 3 are: 

The Burpee
Hindu Push-Up
Hindu Squat

Core Strength
How am I going to work my Abs without an Ab Machine? 
Do you think everyone walked around with a gut before the Ab Roller?
Seriously.  There are a ton of exercises you can do using only your body weight to strengthen and tone your core.
Here are just 3. 
The Plank and Side Plank 
Ab Air Bicycles


Muscle Group Targeting 
Your goal may be to build upper body strength and the size of your arms.  After all, if you have little puny Tyrannosaurus arms, you will never be able to use the killer line, "Are you a vet, because these pythons are SICK." 

The Holy Grail of Upper Body exercise is the Push-up and it's variations.

Diamonds - Place your hands very close together making a diamond shape with your thumbs and forefingers.  This targets the triceps.

Wide Arm - Spread your arms out wide and target your Pecs.

Pike Push-Ups - Target those shoulder muscles.

But for all the good push-ups do, they woefully neglect the Biceps.  The all Time best bodyweight exercise for the biceps has to be the Chin-Up.  Not to be confused with the Pull-Up, the Chin-up is done with your palms facing you.  You will then pull all of your bodyweight upwards, defying gravity with your biceps and back muscles.

Which brings us to...

The Pull-UpThis is where the playground comes in handy. Every playground has a swing set. Stand between the swings, reach or jump up and grab the bar, palms facing away, with your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart. Pull Upwards until your chin clears the bar. Repeat. 

Lower Body

To get strong, defined, but not puffy "bodybuilder" legs, do the following:
Squats, Hindu Squats, Lunges, Vertical Leaps.
So there you go.  I've given you all the information you need to get rid of your gym membership and say good bye to Sir Spandex and his crowd forever.  Well, maybe not forever.  You may want to go back in a few months and show off your progress. 
Let's meet the man behind the plan.  The guy who as continually, and successfully, bucked the system.